Lageplan Hörsaalgebäude in Münster

// Resource Driven Design

Prof. | Hans Drexler
Course | Construction 2010
Team | Kasia Kaliczka + Friederike Ix

Design concept.


We designed a student house above the main auditorium of the Westphalian Wilhelms University. With regards to the designing strategy of “resource driven design” we decided to extend an existing building.
The L-shaped building accomodates 47 apartments. The entrance and the staircase function as a social meeting point. As seen from the outside green boxes used as sit-and-relax space pierce through the facade. They frame the view to the opposite castle.


Energy concept.

The building is designed with a timber construction. Integrates PV cells are mounted on the wooden fins of the facade. The fins can rotate optimally aligned to the sun. The window frames on the south and east side of the building are equipped with solar cells. They cover the entire energy consumption of the building.